Living room is the central piece of furniture that must be in the living room and bringing color and storage to the living room is simply not enough. It is also very difficult to create the living room with a sufficiently spacious living room. The Italian menorch of Zanusio proposed a creative and beautiful living room design that will go beyond those walls anymore. Artistic reproduction of the original shape offers new durability and can be used to host all kinds of collections. Moreover it is at its pure, the living room is no exception and will have some changes made in the shape and material of the pieces of furniture.

The floor of the living room can be made of different wood grains like natural walnut or ash or a different composite of lacquered wood like slate. The shelves of the shelves are made of the same wood and the fireplace wall is made of wood and can have an interesting shape. The idea is just the innocent designing an interesting contrast between the traditional shape of the living room and the modern glossy look made of lacquered wood.

The artists Elena Sulon and Bob Krueger from Zanusio were actually professional graphic designers who were able to revive this piece from the 70’s into a beautiful and modern statement for any living room. This living room will be an example of the pieces you can use to create a modern design.{found on freshome}