The tones used in a living room are usually very subtle and neutral-colored. It’s usually the level of color that doesn’t really change the décor in any big way. Yellow is a very cheerful color that would look very well in a teenager’s bedroom or in a playroom. It’s a lovely choice for the bedroom. It blurs the boundaries of the décor by featuring only neutral shades. A great choice for the living room.

But this type of décor wouldn’t be complete without art. There are lots of patterns, colors and shapes that can be seen in those collections. Another nice choice would be to have several paintings displayed on the wall and to only display one of them in a subtle and artistic way.

Yellow Teal And Grey Living Room Make A Cheerful And Playful Interior Décor Photo 2

Another nice idea would be to have several framed painting on the wall. They won’t blend in because of their heavier visual effect. If you also wish to somehow create some mood in the room, then you should choose a dark background for the wall pictures. The frames don’t necessarily have to feature drawings, painted murals or other themed images. The decorations are just as important as the art.

Yellow Teal And Grey Living Room Make A Cheerful And Playful Interior Décor Photo 3

This type of décor is also versatile. You can easily turn a room into a gallery and have paintings and artwork all in one single color if you use the same approach. The colors are also very important. Not all the rooms necessarily have to be dark. The nursery could use a cheerful look. It can be why choosing yellow as the color for the walls is so important. It’s cheerful and bright and it’s always good to be prepared for that when you move into the house.

As we’ve already mentioned, colors don’t always mean powerful or dramatic things. You need to pay a lot of attention to the materials and finishes you use when creating a room. A boy’s room is not the same without a fun theme and a fun look for that area that can make you feel very happy and has oodles of personalization.{picture from here}.