Living rooms are usually boring. But sometimes there are ways in which you can change that. For example, you can add some color to your living room instead of using colors. For example, you can choose an ombre design for your rug and combine it with other less striking patterns for contrast. I prefer this version instead of the former method. Still, it’s very interesting and it’s better to have some courage than to be brave enough to try it.

This collection is yellow ombre rug with mosaic design. The difference is that this rug is not the one showing broken colors. Instead, there’s this continuous pattern rather than just random bursts. That’s mostly because a mosaic rug has little to anything, not even colors. Thi is an opportunity for you to use zigzags instead of regular rug mats because this way you get more freedom and you get a better look for your living room.

Yellow Area Rug Living Room Photo 2

This collection is suitable for zigzagging and not necessarily zigzagging but it’s also suitable for bigger rooms as it’s made of 6×6cm (9×10?) with a lacquered and varnished interior. The pieces are solid, durable and nicely designed. It has a very friendly shape that makes it easy to place anywhere in the house. You can buy it now for $98 plus $50 am include shipping. The collection is very beautiful and artistic, making you sure the kids will like it.

Yellow Area Rug Living Room Photo 3

Yellow Area Rug Living Room Photo 4