Yellow is bright and happy like the sun. It’s the color of envy and happiness. It’s usually very popular in modern and contemporary homes because of its energy and promotes a positive atmosphere. Of course, there are variations of the same color and they can work out great. Some people like to use yellow in combination with white and the result will be a fresh and stylish décor. Here are a few examples that demonstrate the efficiency of this color.

This is a tan leather sofa and it’s been combined with other yellow accessories pieces for a more successful look. The combination of white and yellow is successful in giving a typical living room a typical inviting and bright look. The key is to choose the colors that work well together and that also complement other colors you want to use, even if they may differ a bit.

Another thing that needs to be done is match all the yellow accessories and furniture pieces. It’s good to play with colors and prints, not just yellow. For example, a pale yellow wall will definitely make the room look better and it doesn’t even have to be a main element in the décor. The yellow wall can be a little splashy or colored in accent colors such as orange, turquoise, yellow or green. Whatever you choose, it should be a bright and happy yellow.

Yellow And Tan Living Room Design Ideas Photo 3

This is a traditional living room and several yellow accent pieces are tucked in under the white cushions. There’s a very strong contrast there yet the décor is excellent. The fireplace and the TV set already sojourn to the living room but they’ve been carefully selected in this case. The accent pieces are the only hints that need to be given in both cases.{Photos credits 1 and 2}.

Photos courtesy of Bjurfors

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