This toy house is a modern take on an classic design. The unit is ready to be used at your finest. It combines all of the classic features with modern flair and function. The unit is available in three colors, white and black.The budget for this unit is €7,490. The item is crafted in Germany with the oak/midt court doors and panels, and it is made according to instructions strictly BOW G.39 compliant. It also features fittings with internals and pipes. Its dimensions are w100 x d87 x h87cm. The toy house features two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s a space-saving piece of furniture that would look very lovely in a traditional or rustic home. It’s a very functional storage unit, with small shelves and drawers and also a sliding Barn Barn Barn door that would look very good in a contemporary home or like the one designed for traditional or retro homes.Available for 4,199$.