In the early twentieth century there has been a period when iron furniture seemed more and more decorative than functional. The fashionable pieces of furniture were decorative, more modern, with apparently defy opposite themes like the classical modernist piece. It was the desire of some people to try to create cosy and cosy furniture, but unfortunately this didn’t work as it was a little time ago.

Named Iron Delights, this collection is actually formed of very similar items: a table , a chair and two armchairs. It seems to be a Matrix of some kind in which people created to express something, fit for the moment or the present.The Table Iron Delights is a tempered glass table, armchair and seating solution, perfect for the modern times when we can have large pieces of furniture around the dinner table and different seating options.

It has a contemporary style combined with a vintage one, just the perfect vintage items. The legs are short and make the table perfect for any kind of interior, especially if you choose a modern design. The legs can also form different dimensions for each item, so it’s easier and more practical. The chairs are comfy and cozy and the same thing happens with this particular product. Because the table is made on board recycled fabrics, the wood can be easily dyed or lacquered like in the case of this particular product.

The table is not meant to be more than a functional seating solution, but more like a decorative item, a place where you can display small flowers or candles, having all your dinner glasses at hand. It’s a piece of furniture that is durable enough to be moved when the guests come over, but delicate and delicate at the same time, perfect for any kind of gathering.

Wrought Iron Living Room Furniture By Janne Kyttanen – Iron Delights Photo 4