Wooden furniture is always inviting to sit on wood floors. This gives the furniture a uniform and cozy look, goes very well with the flooring. The wooden floors add warmth to this room and make it feel as welcoming as ever. This is a generalization of the typical Scandinavian décor. However, it also refers to some particular areas of the world where this type of furniture can shine.

In the living room, for example, it’s normal to have curtains, in which case a more elegant and simple way of covering up the windows and also use some panels or perhaps square panels. In this room, however, color is an element that tends to make things darker. A pale shade of green or an orangey-red color could feel quite too heavy for a small living room. However, in this case it’s a great choice because it doesn’t overwhelm the room with a very bright and vivid shade of color.

However, have some shade of cream or beige you want to create an inviting living room and feel happy to use it. When you have a neutral color scheme for the walls, you should feel free to use only two shades, usually a combination of brown and white. So use a light shade of grey and only choose two shades to spruce up the room.

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In the case of the bedroom, use similar color schemes and a different style for the furniture. The furniture could be contemporary with a touch of rustic. This works especially well in the case of a small bedroom with limited furniture.

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s not always necessary to have the furniture to match the walls. Sometimes even a simple change of color can turn out to be enough. For example, if you paint the walls a dark color but the ceiling and the floor are pale, you can create a beautiful décor by layering the same color throughout the room. You could also opt for a pale base and use a pale neutral shade.

Another strategy is to avoid painting the walls crisp white. That doesn’t work in every case. So avoid painting even the smooth walls the same color and also keep furniture off-white. A nice option is a series of small accent pieces such as a chic armchair, a chic area rug or even a lovely table.

Of course, sometimes it’s nice to also bring a touch of wood into a décor. This could mean you take advantage of the natural warmth and textures involved. You can incorporate different types of wood on the walls, in various different ways. This can also be done by using different backdrops. One silver and a little bit of yellow here and there gives the room a dynamic and cheerful look.