A rather narrow living room can’t be entirely what it shouldn’t be so you can maximize its functionality and take full advantage of the space that it occupies. It’s why curved furniture is a particularly great solution. This is a set of four differently-colored sofa sets. Like all the other designs, the set is meant to be versatile and elegant. This particular one is only one of eight pieces. You can also combine as many or as many as you want to.

The dimensions of this unusual sofa collection are modular. The set includes four pieces. There’s the loveseat and two of the chairs. They both have backrests. The chair has a height-adjustable back and footrests and the two other pieces are designed to be like platforms. They can easily be moved around and this allows the pieces to be adapted to the user’s specific needs. The retract head lift allows the chair to be folded into the frame and adjusted for comfortable lounging. The other two chairs and simple, casual designs are complemented by a backrest that can also be lifted for extra support.

Wooden Sofa Set Designs For Small Living Room Photo 3