Living room is the most important room in the house because usually it’s the place where you spend most of your free time. Here, you need plenty of storage places that are both practical and useful. Most living rooms also include a fireplace. They are likely to be very colorful and colorful and this will be a central area for all the furniture in the room. It’s a way of making the room more airy and spacious.

One way of including paintings and artwork in the living room without making it seem full of meaning and occupying a lot of space is to have the living room designed in a way that allows everyone to use it. Another option is to have all the furniture in the living room in similar functional pieces, with different designs, systems and decors. The décor needs to be simple, relaxing and pleasant and this means a lot of storage needs and a large piece of artwork is usually well placed on the wall.

Wooden Arch Designs In Living Room Photo 2

A minimalist and modern living room design would be fine. Here, however, there’s not a single piece of furniture that doesn’t have, either. Even though the décor is simple and designed in a way that allows for flexibility of use, the green corner appearing in front of the window is an eye-catching feature. Also, the light colors chosen for the walls and ceilings keep the décor bright and airy. The continuous floor reflecting the beautiful natural light contribute to the relaxing atmosphere in the living room, a wonderful and pleasant choice.

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