Creating the atmosphere of a lounge where you feel comfortable, relaxed and well relaxed is the key. The wood table never gets old, it recreates the charm in a place where the body is elegantly enthroned. The wood element penetrates the entire space, it’s an interesting element, yet it also contrasts with the subtle theme throughout the room.

To create a sense of abundant spaciousness in the living room you need to use plenty of wood. Don’t feel you can’t squeeze a sofa through the window and furnish the corner with an angular armchair. And for a sophisticated touch, go for a big chandelier. An arranged wooden table lamp will also enhance the whole atmosphere. Choose a complementary wood as an accent element. It can be simple but rich and colored. The patterned paper lantern look suits well for a simple and modern décor.

This contemporary living room is also blended with the living room. The design is very interesting. The window wall is made of durable bamboo poles which are mounted on the chandelier. These are staining elements which complement each other to create a unique and interesting impression. The walls are covered with a series of bronze metal elements which complement the concrete ceiling. The floor mat and the window frame are covered in fine texture material. The combination of concrete ceiling and wooden floor is a great addition. The white elements increase the crispness of the white and they balance the whole décor with soft and pale color tones. The incredible idea is the way you combine contrasting styles and create a harmonious and exciting space.

Wood Table Lamps Living Room Photo 3

Wood Table Lamps Living Room Photo 4