The first thing anyone probably notices when they first purchase a home is the presence of all sorts of wooden items. We all admire style and everything that is associated with it. In this case, the wooden stove is probably the most representative item. The stove was designed by Danish firmshop Architects for Swedish practice Hvarke & Utoya.

The plain white stove looks so pure and fragile, this way the designer managed to show us by choosing only one side and only two opposites: – the massive and weight-heavy design and – the wooden legs that support the “wood slice”.

The wooden legs have four thin wooden spindles, allowing you to see their multiple holes in it. This makes it easier to see all the timbers and potentially create different models with different designs. It might not be the most practical solution, but it’s innovative and will make a nice housewarming gift. The most interesting idea is that you can put it anywhere you want and it’s not even a real stove. It’s a piece that is both decorative and functional.

Wood Stove In Living Room With Exposed Beams Photo 3

The stovepipe gets holes placed into the sides of the stove, thus making it look like a giant bowl. This is not only a nice way to give your stovepipe a creative and original touch, but it’s also an interesting design, perfect for a housewarming gift. It’s not big so it would be appropriate in a small kitchen. It’s not necessary to have a big kitchen. The small holes allows you to install it as a freestanding unit. And since it’s relatively big, you can place it wherever you want. It’s very useful when you want to save space.

Wood Stove In Living Room With Exposed Beams Photo 5