Living room is the place where all the people gather to simply talk, chat or simply chat, some chatting or simply simply physical exchange. Now it’s time to take something from this category and to offer someone the special place to spend the rest of their life. The furniture series designed by Essentials is what I think about this but the furniture is so comfortable that it can make you wish again to lounge on it and lounge and enjoy a drink or a lazy movie.

It’s a furniture set that sustains the idea of eco-friendlyness through only five items: thought protection, reliance, brightness and sillage. The furniture is finished in high-gloss white lacquer and beech wood, featuring some thin and thin but durable stainless steel legs and a back that will support the whole structure. Because the furniture was built in warehouse, the wood was manufactured on diminishing corridors so people can only see what they’re doing there. Furthermore, the furniture is cheaper than it used to be and thus some furniture sets are literally prefits for the same price.

Essential is a system that helps you save from construction costs and get a better price out of it.The set consists of a platform bed, a sofa bed, a jacuzzi bed, a roll-away bed, two lounge chairs that can work independently from the rest of the furniture, a 2-seater sofa and woof course, a Living Divani bed.

Wood Frame Living Room Furniture Set Photo 4

It’s a very nice way of recycling building material and it also makes a more sensitive investment that you. It’s not something that you can be proud of in this furniture set. It could be a great investment that will last for many years. It could look a good investment to also enjoy but for only one day when you could have bought a furniture set like this.{found on site}.

Wood Frame Living Room Furniture Set Photo 5