The key to create an inviting and warm atmosphere into your room is not so much living room furniture, but more living room furniture that is not really necessary, but that you will use frequently and therefore by all means of your living room design. A wood chair is the perfect piece of furniture especially in the living room where for a sitting area you will have the necessary space for two chairs. The chair is made of wood of French oak with a metallic oil finish. The chair has a small frame covered with plastic material and the seat and back rest of the wooden frame covered by fabric.

The legs of the chair are directly linked with a metal base. The design is simple and modern and gives the chair a spirit of freedom. It can be stylish and comfortable without having any other embellishments and without making the room too artificial. The chair comes in white or beige. The chair measures 190cm x90cm x 140cm and it can be personalized with your choice of colour. The overall dimensions are 120cms long x 120cm x 140cm and it can be purchased for €199.00.

Wood Chair For Living Room Furniture Photo 2