This beautiful, practical and flexible ceiling light is the work of Antony Mayion, former CEO of Dornbracht lighting company. After working from home with her children and family, the 30-year old designer hid some electrical wires in dark, damp afternoons. In the evening she took them out and set them aside. In the evening she turns the lights on and lets the dark light shine out. It’s an unusual and very original feature and it can be helpful when you’re decorating a room.

The wire cage light is also very interesting. It’s an object that is very sleek and does not have a permanent handle. It’s the only visible part of it that gets animated. This way, whenever a light is turned on, the wire becomes brighter and more colorful. It’s a very artistic feature that brings the décor closer to the actual bulb. The Trendir company also presented an interesting ceiling light called Cigar Light. It’s an elegant and almost liquid-like light. It’s created using stainless steel and multilayer cable. This unique ceiling light is available in three variants. It can be brown, black, white and coffee. It can be basically decorated in a lot of ways, according to the preferences. The options are numerous.

Moreover, there are also those that treat you with little items and then leave the product intact and thus complement the rest of your furniture or decorations. This type of décor is very interesting. It’s also a very good idea for a bedroom. Just take a minute to see a glimpse at the contents and to get a sense of what they teach. Here you can help improve your creativity and create new things using ingenious products that will help you do that.{found on trendir}

Wireless Ceiling Light For Living Room Photo 3