For those who don’t like the rattan sofas so much, here is the perfect choice for you. The rattan of this living room collection will always have a strong character, that of the spirit, warmth and of the material, all of which comes together in a unique and very pleasant composition. The pieces from this collection come in various colors and sizes. There’s the patio sofa with polyurethane cushion and the rattan coffee table that can fit almost any space, both small and large, just like any other furniture piece.

The dimensions of this collection are 56’’ x 56’’ x 34’’. The pieces from this collection share a natural curve, a fact that is visible wherever you look. That is why the cushions are a little unusual, with a shape more suited for a comfortable seating arrangement. The sofa and the chair share a very common shape, being actually a set of identical pieces that are further shaped and made of the same material and with different finishes and colors.

Wicker Rattan Living Room Furniture Photo 2

Besides the patio sofa and chairs, the pieces from this collection also include the furniture is outdoors. However, the intended purpose remains very clear: to make this item feel cozy and friendly without having anything to do with the feet and arm rests. As you can see, this is a very versatile collection and any living room will at least adapt and mix style with functionality.