One of the most popular and elegant designs for furniture is the wicker furniture. There are a lot of models and designs for all the rooms in the house, even for the bedroom. Some are meant to feel like home, some are meant to impress, some are meant to impress and some are experimental in terms of material and colors. But there is one place where the modern style and sophistication is equaled by comfort and warmth of spirit and everything is combined to best effect and personality of the furniture.

This is the living room. It’s simple, not very elegant and sophisticated and it’s decorated in a mix of wicker and brown. It’s not the most appropriate idea for a living room during winter, but it’s perfect. This living room has an overall simple design and a minimalist structure. All the furniture and accessories are simple and casual. There’s not a lot of color here. It’s this that seems to be the main feature of the room. Moreover, the sofa in very simple, not very difficult to match with anything else. The windows seems very inviting and peaceful.{found on source 1 and 2}

Wicker Furniture For Living Room Photo 2