The Wicker Chair was created by Francesco Albanico and Jean Wiernic. It has a very simple design, featuring a traditional and organic shape with some vintage French or European influence. It’s a chair that was designed for two people. It was designed for dining rooms but not only for parties. Because of its versatile design, it would also be great in the office. The chair is available in several different colors and it can also be customized. Moreover, the timeless black and white combination is a popular one, especially in the case of contemporary pieces.

The chair is available is options of both leather and fabric. It has a casual look and a stylish silhouette. It has a low seat and back and the base and the arms can either be made of solid wood of french wood or veneers. The colors available for the chair are sand- ble plus a few shades of taupe, cream and in vibrant red. The legs are covered with handmade cut-out shapes, very cozy and very stylish. The chair is entirely handcrafted and this shows that the attention to details is paramount. It doesn’t need to be big and comfy, just comfortable. It’s the perfect chair for fun projects or relaxation in a casual dining room.

This is a different kind of chair and it’s described more exactly in the following examples.

Wicker Chair In Living Room, Dining Room And Bedroom – Comfortable And Stylish Photo 3