White and 100% white is a combination that you will certainly love to have in your home. 100% white furniture will make your house a delight and all night after dinner will become spectacular with its simplicity. That is why the 100% white table never gets out of fashion as it was designed by the German designer Nils Kovacs back in 1951. This white table lamp looks totally white, it is so pure and it is so delicate in design, which makes you think it is created in the last days of the year when the world is going music instead of flowers and nature.

The light that comes through this table lamp is so delicate and delicate that it makes you want to be as romantic as possible. Almost every light piece in the house has one purpose and you want to like it as much as you want to, so you cant>

I like it when I see it in design, or when my kids listen to this radio or when I see it on TV. It is extremely useful and beautiful and the colour is great. The simplicity, the subtlety and also the modernity, all speak so much good about this item and also about my northwest position.

White Table Lamps Living Room Design Ideas Photo 3