This white living room set of three rooms is the perfect mixture of white and black, refinement and style.It includes fresh and modern built furniture and white decorative objects. The round, round painted floor is a trademark of these two colors. The walls are white for enhancing the beauty and simplicity. Its long legs serve as hooks or as a place to rest a mirror. There is also a beautiful satin white, the perfect shape for an elegant living room.

The middle area serves also as the working space. The built-in cabinets provide plenty of storage space. There are also all white furniture like the flooring, understitch tables, bookcases, bedside tables and wardrobes. The sofa designed by Andreaplates is an attractive piece of furniture. A round table and an oval chair complete the collection.

The living room designed by Igor Petrenko is based on simple lines and pure forms. It manages to combine simple elements with the beauty of classical design. The lack of color is not an issue for this white and black living room design. To me it seems like a splendid accent spot that offers splendid views of the surrounding landscape. Another wonderful feature of this room is the shelves placed on each side of the fireplace, providing lots of storage and a place to display and store the remote control.

The colors employed are a combination of several, simple and elegant, that together create an inspiring atmosphere. They were used to create a modern and fresh décor, keeping the natural color palette and simple, elegant lines. This is not an characteristic of my favorite style but it sure is for those who like it. I personally don’t enjoy a room very much so I would like to see the rest of it more.