All people are aware of the classical ideas of mirrors being square or round. However, the way they are shaped is not the common place for having mirrors in public spaces. For those of you who are nostalgic and want to retro design your home it is not necessary to have mirrors that are round. You can have them on the wall, in the hall, even on the table or desk. The most common and beautiful place for such a feature wall is probably the fireplace wall. The picture is painted and the mirror is framed.

The second option is more common. You can have a round or rectangular mirror on the wall of your home, leaning against the wall or mounting pretty much the entire surface. The color is also another thing that can help you determine the type of model.

In a guest room or mudroom or bedroom you can also install a mirror that has the color and shape of a chocolate bar. The color will be the main feature but the tire can be quite eye catching. It is mostly because of his golden shape and the richness hand- carved on it.

by Oldkelly

The next model features round mirrors supported by a metal frame. The round mirrors are very decorative because of their material options. Each mirror is made from one of the top recovered wood beams. The metallic frame is then upholstered and finished with ivory genuine leather.

by Studio 30-40

The last model covered with round mirrors is simple and does not have a design of standard mirrors. The traditional shape of the mirror gives a minimalist look to the whole set. The metal frame is usually decorated in the shape of small mirrors, leaving the glass covering as is and turning them over towards the round mirrors.