The key to having a spacious and comfortable living room is, of course, simplicity. Here’s how you can achieve that without making the thick, solid walls look appealing. This living room has, as expected, a white background. It has simple furniture with clear modern lines and countertops, most of them white. Also, the white flooring further emphasizes this aspect. There’s not much you can say about this living room because it wasn’t used for at least 4 years. However, when you think about it, this place is inviting, elegant and stylish.

The living room combines black and white combinations throughout the living room. The walls are white throughout this room so continuity is not created in terms of looks between these two colors. The furniture is white throughout the apartment and this detail is also given by the tall ceiling that features a black beams closer to the ceiling. Moreover, in this case, the bedroom and the bathroom are black and white. They introduce color into the décor without making it contrastive.

White Marble Living Room Table Photo 2

The kitchen is also minimalist, with a combination of white furniture and black countertops. You can also see the yellow lamps that are really cheerful and warm. Before you reach the living room you can see there’s a couch and a couple of chairs and this is how the living room is decorated. There’s also a piano and a beautiful pendant lamp hanging above the coffee table. In the center of the room you can see the living room and kitchen. The kitchen is both modern and comfortable.

The kitchen is visible from the living room which follows the same color palette and has large windows. In addition to the two windows, there’s also a staircase that leads to the upper floor. On the upper floor there’s also a second living room and a bedroom, both lighter and colorful. The ons are also difficult to notice, because we have all those built-in storage spaces in the walls. A tall pendant lamp hanging above the kitchen table is a very minimalist item in terms of design but it’s a very beautiful element.