In New York City, when you hear the term “white marble” you probably picture something similar, probably not the same ornate and white living room we can find in the Villa Padma where the designer Trish O’Brien designed this exquisite white marble living room. There is the perfect balance between the white and colorful elements, some of which are found within the furniture, the walls, and paired with warm wooden floors and some of which resemble beams.

The matching carpets and rugs compliment this white marble area and bring the whole room together, creating a welcoming sensation of a space where you definitely feel welcome.

The balance and the minimalism present in all the rooms capture the grace and elegance specific to the designer himself, so that the decorations also match perfectly with each other and with the whole concept in which we are presented throughout.

White Marble Floor Living Room Designed By Trish O’Brien Photo 3

The living room is a shared space which contains the living room, kitchen, dining room, and a guest room. The kitchen is perfectly integrated with the living room, being set behind the sofa and with a stylish dining room area that can be quickly rearranged. The matching curtains on the windows offer a symmetrical decoration and even if, at first, they seem like a contradiction, the visual impact of the furniture pieces is balanced by the colors used for the flooring.

The living room is, however, very inviting. The fireplace and the living room TV set are minimalist and the two white sofas, facing each other, are facing the fireplace. Hanging chairs or classic armchairs are the main attraction and the white tank flooring complements the dark brick walls.

In the kitchen there’s a set of black cabinets and white furniture. A white Corian vanity and sink complement the black elements and when needed, silver metallic tiles can be sued on the countertops and kitchen islands.

The kitchen does not include any exquisite amenities. The appliances are minimal and basic and the only source of decorative light is the big black hanging lamps.

On the balcony there’s also a powder room and a spacious bathroom with tub and shower. The light blue wall creates the impression of a larger space.

The apartment is simple but it contains all the elements that a stylish modern home should include. The living room is painted warm wood and the bedroom is open and airy, with plenty of natural light. The color palette is toned down a notch and the atmosphere is inviting, relaxed and airy, despite the simplicity of the layout.