White living rooms are a classical image for this type of living rooms. It’s probably because the designers try to always come up with something new and innovative and this often includes furniture and decorations. Still, white living rooms aren’t always just white. In fact, there are lots of white living room tables that could work. This one is actually closer to the traditional type than the more modern and simple type.

The table is made of wood veneer so it’s very durable and strong. It’s very helpful when used as a table but also as a serving tray. The table has a very simple design and a modern shape. Despite this simplicity and lack of color, this table is very stable and strong. The two round pieces on either side of the table add a soft touch and make it more comfortable to use. The base is made from metal and is available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Because the top is so simple, this particular model is not necessarily used as a coffee table. It’s basically a simple table with a top designed to be used as a display area for decorations and personal items. The table has a solid and sturdy construction and a simple white finish. It’s a nice addition to a modern or contemporary home. It’s simple but it’s also bold and dynamic. The base is made of steel and has a matte finish. It features two handles in an ebony finish. The tempered glass door bottom shelf can be closed electronically. Use it as an accent piece in the living room or however else you want and enjoy its simple beauty.

White Living Room Table Set Photo 3