For those who love white color and always want their home to look clean and smooth white walls always get the best choice for that white interior design. You will see that the house is also decorated in a different style every day. However, every day it gets a new look and that is visible in the design of the house.

This beautiful white living room is the perfect place to spend your afternoons walking outdoors in the garden, admire the beautiful trees passing by or look at the stars. It is located in New York, USA and it is a warm and elegant property that you can rent during your vacation.

The property features a living room with two sofas facing each other and two beautiful gardens that surround the place and offer beautiful views of the stars. The living room is decorated starting with white walls and continuing with cream sofa and white cushions.

White Living Room Set For Sale In New York For $8.95 Million Photo 4

Then there is the beautiful infinity pool with white tiles on the floor and even continues on the walls and also with cream terrazzo coffee tables. Another important detail is to spoil the white walls with details like the bright blue balls that are spread throughout the whole room.