White living rooms are a very beautiful and stylish choice for any type of home. It’s a great idea for both the living room and the bedroom. It’s usually the living room that is usually decorated with white pieces of furniture. However, if you prefer something simpler and smaller, a combination between white and grey for the walls, this really comes in section.

This is a contemporary living room that was designed by Christine Lane. It might not seem at first it is either of these rooms but the beauty of this design is that it seems very appealing. The furniture is mostly white, with some touch of grey on the floor and a few hints of blue or green here and there. The white is there mostly in accent where strategically placed blue, purple and earth green elements are present. This establishes a harmonious décor.

White Living Room Furniture Set Photo 3

The focal points of this white décor are the white curtains on the white walls. Some shades of blue are also present but the effect is very strong. The main living room also has an open floor plan and it also features a wall separating the living room from the hallway. When both the white background and the blue accents are removed, the effect of having a single delimiter sofa morphs into two distinct seating units, giving the impression of having several individual rooms.{found on contemporist}.