These days I was watching the old TV programmes on DVD when I was a kid and I was watching them on my TV. Unfortunately the TV programme was broken and the TV programme was away with me. It did not fit the interior design of my living room so I was searching for the perfect living room table. These are these trays by Trish Bova that are presented here and set on a white color.

These are simply tables that are set on the wall with little legs and little arms spread so as to be barely visible on the table top. Most trays are made of wood and require to be painted in white, so it is a good idea to use a primer and some very fine 3:3 glossy paint for the legs and the overall surface of the table top. The table top does not necessarily need to be angled in the middle of the table, as it can be used as a regular table top and also as a nice modern dining table .

All the pieces of furniture are available in white and in a combination of black that is not too far from black but not too much. For example the couple holding the two tables has a modern and beautiful seating arrangement where there is a nice ornamental rug beneath them, a comfortable white chair there, white wall chairs and so on. I like the curved edges and also the “swung” on the side of the table top. The Tristie Tristie Triste table is not very expensive and is available for $99.

White Living Room End Tables By Trish Bova Photo 3

White Living Room End Tables By Trish Bova Photo 4