White leather sofas are a very popular material today. Among cold colors, pale pastels are very appealing and a more modern look is usually preferred. However, leather sofas seem to be very appreciated as they are very comfortable and not too heavy, so they do not get packed with their own clothes. Still, they tend to get stuck in the center of the room and this is either a problem or a problem that people try to hide or to try to exploit. Nevertheless, leather sofas are very common these days because they are very durable and hard underfoot, but very easy to move from place to place.

I am talking about large leather sofas, especially if you have a big room or an open floor plan where you also use a sofa. Anyway, if you want your living room to look its best and the place where you feel most crowded, when you only have a couple of feet to move from one place to another, simply use a sofa. However, not all the people tend to exaggerate and to use a sofa as a decoration for their living room. A few simple touches of colour on the armchairs, wall mirror or other objects that you place there can totally change the atmosphere in your living room.

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Look, what I like most about leather sofas is the softness of t’s that you can also add by simply adding some other pieces. For example you can get a normal leather sofa if you buy a case with transparent side doors, which is also a great impression because you need to hide the mess that takes place with the simple use of a chubby surface. A case with sober-colored sideboards would be a terrific option as well.

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If you want to create a certain atmosphere in the living room which would look extreme, then you can use almost any kind of furniture as long as it is gorgeously simple. Remember that leather sofas are usually plainer and more ornate so why not purchase a leather sofa and make it the centerpiece of the room?

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Another interesting idea would be to create a spacious lounge, where one can rest and relax after a hard day and watch TV, or to spend some time in the afternoon by watching a video in front of the TV. The Toulouse Sofa has a classical design inspired by the Toncelliano di Bardelli and it combines the studs and arms of the Fontolini chairs along with studs in red leather.

If you want to create a more formal arrangement, try the design of the Echelon lounge chair. It’s simple but it’s refined. The frame is made of wood and metal, the seat is solid and in folds, the back is padded with foam of different densities to make it more comfortable. The rest of the pieces from this collection are made with eco-friendly resin and it’s hard to imagine that anyone else would want to spend money on something like this.