When you have a small family and a small living room, the corner design is so difficult you have to find the best decorating solutions. Small living rooms, because of their limited space, often end up looking short on space and with a whole lot of furniture. This apartment was designed by the innovative architects from Natisa Berberin & Yenn Eichinkova.

The Natisa Berberin and Yenn Eichinkova architects designed these small living rooms for a family of only 9 persons. Their main goal is to make this room seem spacious and small, so they give it a masculine touch without making it seem too small or cluttered. The small bedrooms look very simple, with plain colors, neutral pallets and wooden furniture. Most of the furniture is white, except for the hanging chair and pouf, not an uncommon choice in such cases.

My personal choice would have been to give the room a colorful décor, as this is the room for relaxation, beside seaside activities or just for shows. I enjoy modernism so the furniture is modern, even though sometimes aggressive, static.

White Leather Living Room Set Of Three Gorgeous Bedrooms For A Small Family Photo 4

The trunk chandelier is also an element very artistic which adds a dramatic touch to the space. The short ceiling of the living room is dominated by oversized crown molding, also an unexpected point in an otherwise minimalist, black and white décor. The designers enhanced the height of the ceiling by placing a spiral staircase to it. The floor and very large terrace are also perceived as open and not really being a barrier between inside and outside.