Nowadays people work more hours for a job that pays you simple living and not too much for something more expensive. However, if you work hard you will feel comfortable and useful at work and thus you will get a job faster and will feel great again. The American designer, Tomos Tiifical called the leather sofa Napa, together with the black leather Le Conchil Memory Foam armchair, look comfortable and are a perfect armchair for the relaxed state of your body.

This collection looks delicious andWarbad Company, called nap or home. They manufactures a variety of models that are suitable for business as well as residential work, and have a cold water stainless steel construction. For a less expensive price you get the chair, ottoman, armchair, back rest, desk, tea cup and change glass. The leather is a special blend that brings back sweet memories. The black and white leather, made from cowhide or sown tanning scraps brings a breath of fresh air in your body.

I admired their design long ago, but I still use it on a dare man. The design is very simple, yet fancy and this way he makes me think it’s made of art. Either way, it looks really beautiful, despite its shape. The leather livens up your face and your body and I promise that even artists can create such a piece of art.

White Leather Living Room Furniture By Tonino Cullman Photo 5