When it comes to furniture for your living room, it’s not always enough to have a certain type of furniture or to have an exact color. Today we came across this very beautiful chair and together we decided to inspire you. It’s a very beautiful chair and it’s part of the same collection as the ottoman just above it. In these examples the ottoman is also the focal point of attention. But with those details it’s hard to ignore the fact that this is a very comfortable piece of furniture.

The attention to details is quite impressive in the case of this collection. It’s called Habitat and it’s a very clean and simple design. The stools and ottomans match the bench for the same purposes, being both functional and beautiful. This design is actually more artistic than anything in the collection. The chair in the example could make a pretty great accent piece for a living room, porch, terrace or bedroom. If you want to you can try to replicate the designs but with a little help from the designers.

The stools and the ottoman have distinct characteristics. But the only one that’s not supposed to be mentioned is the chair. It’s a very comfy and chic piece of furniture that comes with a backrest. The ottoman only an unique design, as it has no armrests. It’s the opposite of the chair and it definitely adds more elegance to the space. Both ottomans are minimalistic and not as heavy as other models. The dimensions of this beautiful and versatile chair are 34 x 44 x 36 inches. The armrests are adjustable and they can be bifurcated into smooth strips of polyure foam. The frame is strong and durable and the material used is sturdy and breathable.Available for $1,799.

White Leather Chairs For Living Room Photo 3