If you live in a house and you like the small apartments there, you also like the large spaces .If you are not necessarily very preoccupied with decorating the big spaces but just careless about the small ways in which small spaces can be decorated, then you will certainly like this set of three white furniture rooms. Because the color is so fresh and bright, it provides a nice contrast for bare floors.

The set includes a bed and an ottoman, and these furniture rooms are located in one of the floors. Moreover the set has three levels and one of them is dedicated to the living room.

The set is available for $1.6 million. The dimensions are 66.75?w x 22?d x 31?h. It definitely is pretty small, and nobody can judge it just by its looks. That’s not what you should try and do if you want to fit your house into the pattern of a cozy home. And if you really want something that offers you privacy while at the same time admiring the beautiful view, you should know that this is indeed an elegant furniture set.

White Furniture Living Room Set Of Three Photo 3

White Furniture Living Room Set Of Three Photo 4