For those who like their homes to look elegant and simple, this design is perfect. It’s a simple white wall clock. The problem is that if you don’t like your clock, you can’t mix with anything else. The only way you can achieve that look is by buying this white wall clock. The combination seems unconventional but I’m not saying I wouldn’t like to see it. Also, the black accents really make a white wall clock seem more appealing.

The clock is very simple in design, with no decorations except for the pictures representing it. The black background is strong enough to hold the framed photos. Note that the numbers are not all cut in wood. The clock faces are very simple in shape, with no drawings, nothing more but just a black clock with a black frame.

This wall clock is a contemporary accessory for any contemporary home. It can be included in the living room, office corner, bedroom corner, even in the bedroom if you don’t have anything similar. The clock with black frame is very simple, with nothing but an elegant piece of furniture which can be replaced by other beautiful decorations like a green plant, a framed photo or any other decorative object that you like.The clock measures 22? / 27? x 2? / 22? and it’s suitable for the bedroom. There are several options to choose from like matching bedding or wall art and you can even purchase the number of weeks for the first sale it period.