Nowadays there seems to be a distinct trend in replacing old, traditional tables with contemporary pieces, especially in fashion and interior design. I guess it makes sense because the recycling is cheap and you get to save a lot of money if you use smart products. I love the fact that I have two white bedrooms which I like and I can’t care for all the personalized pieces, but the little things like the not so nice-looking dining set and the simple and practical accessories make me happy. Here’s an example of how white end tables can be a great centerpiece for a living room.

The table is also very useful in offices, who uses it as a table for example, or simply as a rim in a modern dining room. It can be used as a chic and stylish end table for the living room, but also as a very useful and practical end table in the kitchen, for the kitchen counter or even as a coffee table. The rim is made of mango wood and has some very beautiful touches like the patterned clock placed on one of the walls, the black and white images of the islands in the picture or the satin drawer. All these things are arranged around this simple and yet very well balanced piece of furniture.