The living room is usually the place where all the members of the family get to spend time together as a family. But usually families aren’t the only ones that enjoys having friends over from time to time. It’s the place where you have the most fun when your guests come over. It’s why some designers use their choice of colors to give the room that simple but sophisticated vibe that everyone likes.

So white is not the best choice for a living room. If your goal is to create aContemporary Elegance , there are alternatives. For example, the pale color of this sofa matched the black and white pattern. A dark accent wall would have been a very cool and interesting addition.But somehow the balance is not perfect. Since it’s a modern living room where everyone wants to gather, it needs some contrast.

There are plenty of styles that can be nicely combined white and other colors. A contemporary design can feature bright blue walls, funky furniture including striking pieces as well as modern appliances and finishes. If it’s monochromatic you can opt for more eye-catching shades. If it’s bright and colorful, you can create a color contrast that will either be bold and colorful or calming and relaxing. Working with different shades of white and other tones is not exactly practical, especially since most modern decors have a soothing, calming feel.

There are lots of other ways in which you can combine colors. Strong floral patterns would work particularly well. You can also play with colors such as yellow and lavender. The contrast could also be very strong. Flowers and other fresh and vibrant colors could be used in combination with vibrant patterns such as stripes. You can also play with colors such as blue or green which are usually common in nature. The result will be a fresh and vibrant décor.