White and tan living rooms are a very popular style among some of the best people. The simplicity of the design, the white space and accessories in the living room can make you feel like you belong to a fancy movie theater for example. The white and tan combination is more casual and sophisticated, but also warm and inviting.

If you love the color combination look but you’re not a fan of the look, simply choose matching sofa in white and tan furniture, preferably with rich brown finishes. They will complement your white living room perfectly. There are some nice white fireplace that can make you feel even closer to the Americana atmosphere.

The design in your living room needs to be neutral, simple and practical. The color of the sofa, side tables or armchairs can make you think of those lovely Christmas trees. They are also a great source of color contrasts.

The main colors preferred for the winter days are white and grey. In your living room, you can color the furniture to match these two shades. You can use the winter shades more for cold colours, but also for the outdoor furniture. A red sofa can be a nice addition to a black and white living room.