White and green living room design are a classical, always good choices. It’s a perfect combination these days. The combination seems to be almost identical to spring colors.Let me tell you some different stories, so you can see the similarities between these two colors and the way they can be combined in such a sophisticated and elegant way.

The fact that it is white and green is perfect for such a room is a plus. If you like this combination of colors and would like your room to be all in black and white then you should go for it. However, try to add some other strong colors like red, yellow or orange. The black and white combination is very common and sophisticated.

White And Green Living Room Design Ideas Photo 2

If you want to create a more dynamic décor adopt a green and white ambiance. Use a strong shade with pale green for the furniture. You could also opt for some strong colors like red, yellow or green. Use a mix of different patterns for the rug and maybe also some bright patterns for the pillows. Mirror-blind all your mirror pieces and try to create a unifying image that will reflect their exactor texture and design. If you use transparent glass for the picture it’s only your silhouette and the actual image you have created and you can still feel the simplicity and style.

Try to avoid creating symmetry when possible. The best time to do so is to use white and transparent patterns. You can create a white floral design or combine with some yellow accents and eye-catching colors. Of course, since all these ideas are just a suggestion, you can adapt them for other interior decors as well. All it takes is the imagination and a little bit of creativity.