The first thing you notice when you open the door of your home is an entryway. A lot of people choose to leave their coats and boots there, but people also try to make their homes look beautiful by adding gold in them. This older house with gorgeous Victorian style got an upgrade with Jennifer Post’s eye.

First, the bad yet unscitable hardware made it look smaller and less attractive. Then, the front porch got a makeover with gold batten v nails. After some hard work and some paint gold was obtained, it looked all the same. The bottom half of the house got a makeover with floral wallpaper. The gold in the flowers looks like a Victorian style that matches the rest of the house from the old style bottom to the new. However, some improvements were made on the outside, like the heavy curtains in the bedroom and the rocky staircase from the entrance.

White And Gold Living Room Makeover Photo 2

The back door is now just a step away from the living room. The walls have been painted gold and some flowers look like a flower book book. The fireplace looks untouched and the place is pretty nice, surrounded by peaceful shades of brown. Jennifer Post reveals how this house looks like from the pictures he photographs and gives you some tips about how to turn it into the perfect home for a nice family retreat.

If you love the idea of having a Victorian home, why not make it modern and trendy with a combination of colors like black, grey, brown and gold?

White And Gold Living Room Makeover Photo 4

Everything is on a very fine line: simple and elegant, subtle and sophisticated. The golden accessories are just what the house needed to look complete.

White And Gold Living Room Makeover Photo 5