This lovely living room was designed by Trish O’Brien, It is called the Black and the Grey palette and I have to say it looks really incredible. The light wood effect on the walls and floor is amazing and that’s all over the room. Have you ever heard of any black people? If not, this combination of white and black will at least taught me how to work with other colors. Don’t be afraid to combine these two colors as they are very beautiful.

The room is very simply decorated and everything is decorated in a very tasteful manner. The lamp in the living room is the eye catching piece in the whole living room. It is probably the most expressive décor accessory in the room, bringing luminosity and color to it. Another important aspect is the bed, with its interesting dark chocolate color and lacquered frame.

White And Black Living Room Set Photo 2

The big window in the living room allows us to have a nice view while you are relaxing and enjoying your favorite movie. The furniture pieces in the room are modern and elegant and all in perfect harmony. The yellow sofas in the picture bring a touch of yellow in the room, as well as the yellow and orange cushions. A colourful painting in the living room, dividing the wall into two, constitutes the true architectural and decorative contrast. The three paintings placed on the black wall are also one of the most impressive items of furniture in the living room, as they set the tone for a real daring tone for the whole room.{found on vision}.