When decorating the house we all have different ideas about how the furniture should look like. Every little detail has to meet the standard and nowhere is this little bit predictable or predictable. Our attention is naturally drawn to the detail that matter most, but we do have this ability to focus on looks and that’s what beautiful furniture does.

In the case of living rooms, usually there’s plenty of blank space on offer. So all the attention tends to be on the sitting areas and probably some form of exclusive color. Nevertheless, you can maximize your storage space and also accessorize the rooms if you want to. The best thing about the Casa do Exso.

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The great thing about her is precisely the way in which she arranges the pieces of furniture. By choosing carefully the pieces you arrange them in a well-defined pattern so that the entire space looks and feel like a harmonious place. The lack of glips or visible hardware further enhances the neatness of the space. Moreover the designers equally learned how to make comfortable and sophisticated-looking furniture pieces.

Every room has its own characteristics and is designed with maximum potential. It is a large place and the furniture arranged it like a puzzle and created a comfortable atmosphere. The attention to details is amazing. One of the most remarkable things about this furniture line is the fact that everything is so simple and neat. And the best feature is that it preserves the simplicity and the style of classic furniture as we know them.{available for neolith}

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