In order to do that you need to have a proper TV room setup. There are several solutions for that and we’re going to focus on one of them. This TV room setup doesn’t seem like much but once you analyze it you can’t immediately tell that it’s actually pretty great. The solution is fairly simple actually. It’s an open floor plan and a combination of entertainment centers, TVs, satellite channels and a lot of custom storage.

Having a huge wall unit housing multiple TV stands gives you plenty of options. Open shelves towards the center and the room at the side where the TV is placed can be stacked. The TV can be stored either horizontally or vertically inside a frame.

Where To Put The Tv In The Living Room? Photo 2

In this traditional living room you can see the TV stand beautifully. It’s cleverly placed between the sofas, the coffee table and the armchairs. The decor and the ambiance are very pleasant. The style is cozy and very cozy. The faux ceiling features golden brass in the upholstery which is absolutely exquisite. Furthermore, the faux stone patterns featured throughout the room create a warm and cozy effect.

A similarly decorated living room also features a wall unit with a silver finish and a matching coffee table. The wooden floor and the elegant pendant light are the perfect tools that can fulfill a specific function. The dialogue between all these areas is very pleasant and all the furniture pieces and accessories are stylish and eye-catching. The fireplace is the central element.

A TV stand is actually a perfect solution for small living rooms. Even though it takes up a whole wall, a small TV stand is actually more space-efficient than a freestanding unit which occupies a whole room.

This is a small living room which could be easily described as a narrow and minimalist interior design. The most distinguishable feature is definitely the wall unit which integrates the TV into a sculptural form. Each piece has a different color and they extend through the space. The different colors and finishes are an important detail.

The design of the Iguazu lounge chair is very interesting and eye-catching, with a design that combines influences from several different styles. This stylish and chic form is complemented by a swivel arm and a sleek frame made of curved metal rods. Some might consider this chair to be the perfect piece to complement the minimalist decor of a media room with.

Even though the frame of the Goi Cavalette is minimalist and lacking anything’s besides a few curved lines and a metal rail, it is this very detail that gives this piece a very sophisticated look. The wood section at the bottom and the acrylic legs have a lot to do with this design. The fact that the TV is held up by the metal rods visually anchors the piece to a more industrial 48? wide piece.

The same combination of materials and finishes is featured here, although the color palette is slightly different. The TV console is black along with the acrylic base, the rest of the piece being made up of wood and the frame that extends to the ceiling. Both colors are sophisticated and chic but keep the tinnate details such as the series of sculpted doors that lead into floor-to-ceiling windows.

The black and white checkerboard flooring mimics wood in its natural form, the same ones you might find in traditional homes. The differences are subtle yet noticeable. In this case, the design is also versatile and best suited for modern and contemporary homes.

This is a wonderful example of a low-key but very elegant and sophisticated-looking living room. The black and white checkerboard flooring is simple but also elegant and stylish. This combination is harmonious and has the potential of becoming a timeless design for contemporary or even more modern home interiors.

When in doubt about which color to choose for your black and white flooring choose to combine with a different one. Then combine different materials and colors that you prefer in a more extensive fashion such as wood. It’s easier to make the best possible combination by including pieces that go well together and that interact with each other in a subtle yet elegant manner.

The combination of wood and metal in general is known to be a color palette of sorts. But that can also be used to make a space look sophisticated and to turn it into a stylish and inviting space. You can highlight this by complementing the furniture pieces black with white features.

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