In the last few years, more and more people have decided to make sure their living rooms and their living rooms are decorated in and around the grandmas of their family. The interior design of the living rooms has been the main priority. Choosing a right piece of furniture with the right color and finish can make your living rooms look and feel a little bigger and more airy, a lot less intimating.

But just because that’s the standard for decoration today, there’s not something that says you must stick with that. Take a look at these pictures and you’ll probably see that a really great idea is to go for furniture with longer lines and thinner sides.

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This curving sofa from HT&E has a very modern and stylish look. The legs are a little heavier than usual and this really looks like a modern feature. In addition, the fact that there are no sharp edges and corners, which is common with traditional furniture, makes the design more modern and even a bit industrial. Long legs and thin tops turn this piece of furniture into a nice focal point.

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In certain configurations, a coffee table has the ability to look great by offering it the modern look that matches other furniture pieces. This is a design that makes the opportunities to make the most of the layout and the room. That’s why this table is so fitly so long. This is one of the details that make a piece of furniture so unique.

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And speaking of unique looks, there are also dual reasons why you should choose to have a table with hairpin legs. For one, it looks great from every angle and if the design is actually layered in wood this means it offers more freedom and sometimes even geometric beauty. In any case, the legs give the table a feminine touch .

Hairpin legs are also very slender so they have the ability to look great on dining tables. Most dining tables have hairpin legs but not always in an unusual or very eye-catching way. For example, this table from Valcucine has a lovely sophisticated color but a touch of warmth even if not exactly on the chromed metal top.

Also, while this table is small, this design shows that size really does not matter which is why we recommend against choosing acrylic. That’s not the only option. You’ll have to use wood but not the same as this round and solid metal table.{found on Crate&Barrel}.

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You can play with proportion and size and create a dining table that looks like this one. Play with different heights and sizes and also create a dynamic design. Of course, the table is not the only piece of furniture that’s supported by hairpin legs. There are plenty of such features that work well too.{found on The Wood Grain Cottage Blog}.

In case you have some leftover wood from other makeovers projects, this could be your autumn-feeder. It has a simple and easy design but it stands out. This is a piece made of reclaimed western red cedar wood with a Nordic aesthetic. The slab of countertop was carefully set there and then siding transformed into a continuous surface to which additional stain was applied.{found on Bendby}.

A lot of home improvement projects have to be done before they sell so it’s nice to know that you can find alternatives on the market. It’s up to you to find a design that works for youand to visualize it. This kitchen has a minimalist and sleek design inspired by the same project featured on Sarahremez. This can be your source of inspiration. Adapt the design and size of the table and the cabinets to the table to better accommodate the various components.

This table makeover seems to have nothing to do with creativity. Of course, an efficient DIY project doesn’t necessarily hve nobody to help but to make things happen. Of course, the small things like the things can be a little bit problematic so that’s not very helpful in these cases. Still, you can use some of the parts and tools in a practical and ingenious way.