One of the things we all do in the house is to turn off the TV. And it’s not only TVs aspect that can turn this activity into a beautiful and fun framed play area. With a little imagination and creativity, a few well placed LED lights can do it for you. Here are some inspiring ideas.

A simple method to decorate a simple lighting fixture would be to use a black lamp base or lamp. The eyes would be the first place to take as a prime example. Add a modern LED pendant lamp, a white wall sconce or even a shade made of paper that compliments the lamp.

An interesting way of using LED light in a rather striking manner would be when you turn on the lights. It could be during the night when you’re looking for a peaceful activity when you’re actually working but not during the day. The idea is to create ambient atmospheres for your outdoor lighting and they’re meant to recreate these subtle changes. For example, your outdoor lights can be placed in the hollow to the corners of your house.

When I Turn Off The Living Room Light, I Get My Star Picture Photo 3

Lighting fixtures are usually meant to be pleasant to look at and to complement a space. However, LED light is pretty special because it has this mesmerizing sparkle without needing any additional decorations. Sure, you could use it for the office but it doesn’t really look very interesting in there. Perhaps in a modern home office the spotlight would be better.

The advantage of opting for LED light in a room is that you get to opt for a different ambiance when you’re working but you also get to have a different type of lighting when you sit in front of the TV or when you’re relaxing on the sofa.

When I Turn Off The Living Room Light, I Get My Star Picture Photo 5

The disadvantages are basically basically endless and we’re about it. Well, let’s see how you can make your own light fixture for the kids room. We’re talking about decals. These are simple and fun decorations and they can also be adapted to look like other light fixtures in the room. The idea is to paint the outside of the lamp or the wall of the room.

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