The living room, for some reason, is quite the difficult space to decorate. The living room needs to fulfill certain requirements in order to be pleasant and comfortable. For example, the main furniture piece should be the couch. The sofa needs to look beautiful and to be cozy and the best colors for it should be neutral. The curtains should also be torn off so that your beloved face sleep in pleasant light. There are some other elements you need to take care of and they are just the elements that complete the overall décor.

When you make the necessary choices, you also have to make the rest of the workable alternatives. For example, you can add some nice curtains to the walls instead of taking away the paint. Another option would be to paint the ceiling. This way the light will be better and the décor will be brighter. Another simple but very valid and nice idea would be to make the furniture match the walls and to use bright colors. Also, if you have an open floor plan, you can add some more strategic furniture.

What To Do With Unused Living Room Space Photo 2

The living room is also often used as a guest room or as a home office. It’s where you receive your computer and its work space but it’s not where you welcome your guests. As a result, your whole space should look and feel simple but still interesting. This idea could work for everyone and it’s exactly how the décor should be.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.