If you are planning to spend more and more time in the sun, you must take a look at this lovely table lamp design. It is simply enchanting – a combination of brass and copper. Nothing seems to have a greater effect on people. The main idea is that this table lamp looks like a copper pendant or chandelier. As you might have guesses, the material used for these lamps is also made from copper. The result: highly lustrous, elegant and woody material. Each lamp is different from the other, but they all share the same distinctive copper colour. The size varies according to the colour of the lamp: the smaller one is for bedrooms, whereas the tallest one is for celebrations and schools.

So if you want to make an impression – a glamorous table lamp for your reading corner – you should opt for a table lamp with a copper rim. The lamp has a pretty and simple design, but it is very effective. The colourful rim reminds of the ribbons used to hand showings on the dresser, most of all the colourful and the biggest piece of art on the room’s walls. The rim is made of powder coated metal and it has an inner round mirror inside. The height of this rib mirror is 1500 mm. The table lamp looks great on a black floor lamp that can rotate 360 degrees. The item can be bought for $99 , and it is available in many colours.

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