West Elms, has come to our attention area for the new collections of furniture and textile designers and they have all undertaken welcom home makeover. It is a true tradition for interior designers to use sustainable materials. For these reason only ZEST has made a selection from the Living Room collection.

West Elm Living Room Ideas From ZEST Photo 2

In the living room, furniture made of up to 40 percent natural wool is known as woolbitum. The material is really absorbent and recommended for dry rooms. The wool may take a bit of time to manipulate because of its natural wool coloring. The kitchen and bathroom are two of the few spots that natural wool can do its duty. The use of this particular textile is wonderful because it renders the finished product double- as a piece of wall art. The colors chosen for the walls and floors are most attractive. The lighting system is a dimmer switch that can be placed on the ceiling.

West Elm Living Room Ideas From ZEST Photo 3

The furniture in the living room is modern and has a marvelous design. The design is designed by ZEST with the upper part characterized by long legs and the bedroom floor featuring a small rug. The design is modular and interesting. It can be arranged in any way you like. For example have a barroque chateau, a dining table and maybe a fireplace, above the fireplace a dining corner with a few chairs and a few tables, away from the living room, etc.

West Elm Living Room Ideas From ZEST Photo 4

The white walls are painted in a few small and warm tones. The result is a very stylish living room. I personally find this living room a delight to be in. The space is very simple, with very basic furniture pieces, absolutely beautiful. I personally think that the white walls would have been a very bad choice. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful room.