Ever since people came into existence it has been a very popular trend. Now it’s a very popular idea and when you think about it it’s like impossible to manage it. However, while it was created we don’t have any idea what it was called simply because it was transformed from a temporary room to a permanent living room.

It’s a great idea and there are some visionary designers that succeeded to transform that space and turn it into a practical and elegant living room. This nice living room collection by Pedro Brito is the perfect illustration of how technology can be used to turn your room into a living space. Now anyone would have the feeling that he is on his ‘ moon’.

Basically, starting from there, you will start in the living room, work your way up and personalize this space in a personal way. There is a total of 55 cabinets that can be arranged in ascending or descending ways, from the formal furniture piece to the more casual pieces. The cabinets are made of wood and, because of their double ln structure, they have an industrial feel, just like a barn in itself.

West Elm Living Room Designs By Pedro Brito Photo 4

There are also some more casual options, also including this one. There’s a little more furniture included, too, maybe in the form of tables, chairs, storage drawers and other things. The living room is not the only place where you can use these modular and flexible furniture pieces but it is one of the simplest places still. It would be nice to just take advantage of all that space.