There are a lot of different designs when it comes to lamps. We usually prefer something simple and modern. However, if you want something different and unique, something unique, we found these options. For example, how would a lamp look like if it wasn’t covered in fluffy pillows? Would it look interesting? Well, these wall Candle lamps would certainly bring new look to your living room. They are indeed shaped like a pillow but in order to be able to match it to the rest of your furniture, you will have to come up with some special pieces that are specially designed for that.

The lamps are available in multiples and they have different bases: for example two candle holder rings purchased from Eleek, and a small wall incandescent lamp shade purchased from Koncept.

The LuxuryWedding Collection, of Austria, is the perfect starting point for the wall candle holders. They are actually made of fabrics and materials that have been carefully chosen: eilc geotricwhile marble. The fabrics are then covered in a beautiful warm gold tone that covers the entire wall. The collection has eight different models and come in various colors and prices, so you can really be lucky and to have what you want. Each one of these wall candle holders is unique and made with love.

Walmart Living Room Table Lamps Photo 3