People have used resources which almost end to overflow, which has led to the growth of wall- tiles in different shapes and colours. Thus, people have appeared as real artists and can create amazing things with these wall tiles.This tile collection comes from London-based Artworks and was designed by Tracie Ellis of UK.

Most of the works of Artzel are made of recycled materials, but some are created as a collection and turned into some real pieces of art. The material used to produce these tiles are 100 x 200 gauge steel in any shape as fine as square, 8×10 board or 7×10 board, and there are no holes in them as yet. All the tiles of these tiles are cut at different times of the same dimension and have the same pattern – squares of different colours combined in repetition – with the proposed geometric composition. The tiles of the collection are made of ceramic with a white coloured, shiny finish.

The composite material used is bone and sea stone from the industry allover, and the material is golden green from the bottom of the Indian Ocean. All the pieces of Artzel are made in different sizes and laminated together in various sizes under specific stipulated dimensions. By simple symmetry and the standard calculation, there are six possible dimensions for the six possible compositions, which makes it possible to sketch the plan of the collection.