Living rooms usually present the possibility of creating a very different atmosphere with the furniture and decorations in the room, instead of having the traditional room design where everything has a purpose. And while doing that it means you should consider introducing some style into the room, you can either add something fun and colorful to it or you can create some separation in the room itself. However, designing a wall unit with storage units underneath is not easy. You’ll have to rely more hardly to reach places for the items that need storage, in the simplest way possible. It’s not as easy as choosing the right dresser.

Another difficult place would be the living room. For there, a wall unit would be useful. Here’s where you can use your inspiration to include something stylish but simple. In the case of the bedroom, the wardrobe would be a very good choice. Here everything is simple, the wardrobe on the walls is minimalist and features drawers and all the little pieces of furniture are nicely arranged and arranged. The door frames the bed perfectly and the decorations are just carefully chosen to reflect your personality and to spread happiness.

In the case of the dining room, the interior design is a little different. The walls are not either painted in white or red or any other color or type. The flooring is either beige or cream, maybe again with some brown or beige inserts here and there. The combination of the white, cream and brown is subtle and the wine glasses and plates combine with the yellow colored dinnerware for a cohesive look.

Wall Storage Units For Living Room Photo 3

In the case of the bedroom, the most popular choice is the white lacquered cabinets. This helps create a spacious décor where everything is perfectly organized and neat. In addition, there’s also the possibility of selecting smaller pieces of furniture like chairs, desks, shelves, etc. In this case, it’s simplicity and elegance that are the most important influences of this combination.

Here’s another combination of small pieces of furniture between a minimalist black coffee table and a series of black area rugs. This time it’s not the actual furniture that stand out but everything else such as the shelves, the bedding, the rug, etc. as well as everything else that was on a table. The simple type of furniture pieces in general fit here perfectly and form a functional décor.

Wall Storage Units For Living Room Photo 5

The same thing goes for accent pieces. For example, on a coffee table, something simple and chic with a simple design would work. This doesn’t mean you have to use only that small piece. Even a modern-styled table can look nice when decorated with framed photos and other small elements. This is a set of identical and black coffee table that didn’t have too much storage space but still manages to keep a clean look throughout.

But regardless of the type of table you choose for your home, whether you decide to create a more eclectic or a more modern atmosphere, you’ll still manage to maintain a cohesive and fluid design throughout. This can be done by opting for a simple design and by eliminating any unnecessary details. For example, you could use a tray for the top shelf as well as a credenza. The overall image is a classical one with an airy look.

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