Decorating with wall stickers is fun and a lot more easy than you think. There are many different and creative wall stickers that can be used to make any space feel more alive and more inviting. This one is really impressive because it makes the bedroom look like there’s no wall right now. However, it’s not such a difficult process. All you need is imagination and plenty of time.

In the bedroom it’s hard to find the appropriate wall decal for a bedroom. The wall needs to be all decorated and ready to display your favorite decorations and accessories. Since the bedroom normally needs some kind of wall decal, wall stickers are your the only ones you need for this project. The stickers are really helpful in case you can’t find a design you like or that suits your bedroom.

The possibilities for wall stickers are endless. You can either buy them for a simple price ($200) or you can make them yourself using a few of materials and a big frame. To make a piece of wall art like this one you’ll need just a few wood planks, a drill, screws, wood glue and a few nails, sandpaper, plywood, paint, mod podge and tape. Check out the full description of the project on abeautifulmess.

Wall Stickers For Living Room And Bedroom Photo 4

Another lovely option is to use vinyl contact paper to make a stylish and unique wall decoration. It’s a fairly simple DIY project which requires very few supplies as well as a few extra items. The idea is to glue a vinyl board on top of each wall and to cover up the back of the board. Add some colored tape for extra privacy and keep the design and pattern simple. Check out gerefreebegan for more details about this project.

Of all the possible wall decoration ideas that you could learn from this article, the ones that you can learn from this project featured on littlegreennotebook would look quite interesting no matter what. It’s also a good way of giving your walls a makeover without a lot of effort and in a way that’s easier than writing DIY instructions on freshhome. This is also a nice design idea for a rustic or farmhouse-themed decor or a really eclectic one that has a modern vibe.